Tomorrow Ideas, Inc. was founded in 2016 in Seattle, WA by Dave Hanley, Erik Berg, and Joshua Heckathorn.

Each of us have personal stories about how our lives have been impacted by the decisions our families made, for better or worse. Read Dave's story.

We're excited to introduce the next chapter of our story, where we hope to transform the lives of every family in America, for the better. We call it Tomorrow.

Our mission is to help families make decisions about the future together, starting with a free legal will.

Why? Because we believe everyone should have a legal will—especially if you have children.

Tomorrow built a network of 52 attorneys across America who crafted a legal will that anyone can create right on their phone. How?

  • First, we designed an app that connects you with your family, so you can make important decisions together. Tomorrow works for every type of family and is tailored to the laws in your state.
  • Next, we simplified all the decisions you need to make and designed an iOS, Android, and web app that makes it feel less like a chore and more like fun.
  • Then, we became a fully licensed national insurance broker to help you buy just the right amount of term life insurance based on what your family and finances look like.

And now, we're proud to unveil Tomorrow Plus, which includes all new premium features. Tomorrow Plus is available as an optional in-app upgrade as well as an employee benefit for our partner companies.

With a 4.7 avg. rating from 3,000+ reviews in the App Store, here's what a few people are saying...

"We have been meaning to do this for years. Thanks for helping us look after our three kids." - Jenny Kelly

"Tomorrow was super easy to figure out. We finally got our will done. Now on to create a trust for our kids." - Megan & Brett

"I just created my will in 7 minutes and will send it out on my family group text" - Anthon Grigg

Start by downloading the app for iOS or Android.