Make sure your accounts are organized.
Make sure your assets avoid probate.
Income Protection
Make sure your income is protected if you get disabled.
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Make sure you get income if you can't return to work.

Employees can protect up to 60% of their income with the Tomorrow app.

"Easy peasy. Makes doing adult things easy and fun. If this didn’t exist, I likely would not ever have a will."

Stacie, via Google Play

"I am so happy I found you. I have needed to make a will and it was easy on my phone. Thanks for the new peace of mind."


"I believe people should have a legal will at any age, especially when they have children. I like what the creators of this app are trying to do."


"This app makes will and trust planning very simple. It's perfect."


"This is an unbelievably simple and phenomenal app that makes a rather difficult process extremely easy. I was able to go through and create my will in less than 20 minutes."


"I just created my will in 7 minutes and will send it out on my family group text."


"Tomorrow was super easy to figure out. We finally got our will done!"

Megan & Brett

"We have been meaning to do this for years. Thanks for helping us look after our three kids."


"I was skeptical at first that any app could do what a lawyer does, but when I printed the PDF of the will — I must say, I'm impressed."

Mhs13, via App Store

"Tomorrow has helped me realize that I have to get my affairs in order. This makes it easy and fast!"

TheGrimHEEP, via App Store