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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Austin

By Team Tomorrow
Published August 13, 2019

Austin, Texas: One of the trendiest cities in America, live music capital of the world and home of SXSW. It’s a vibrant city — one of the fastest-growing in the country. It should then be no surprise that when we look to some of the best mom bloggers in the area, we’re greeted by a diverse set of mothers offering important content to the world across a slew of subject matters.

Adriana Cantu of Jack’s Mom in Austin

Adriana Cantu describes herself as a “Feminist mama, Latina, [and] community and parenting advocate.” On her blog, Jack’s Mom in Austin, she explores the ups and downs of parenthood, parenting advice, reviews of products for children from infancy into early elementary, recipes and, of course, coverage of all things family in the Austin area.

Priscilla Hedlin of The Wheelchair Mommy

Priscilla Hedlin has been blogging for over 15 years, which eventually resulted in her two current blogs: The Wheelchair Mommy and The Stylish Gimp. Hedlin has been paralyzed since 1999, and while the event changed her life, she emphasizes that not all of the consequences were negative. Hedlin’s writing documents her life as a whole human being, acknowledging the difficulties she has overcome while simultaneously celebrating the beauty her experiences have added to her life.

Jennifer Borget of Cherish 365

Jennifer Borget has been blogging since before she became a mother in 2010. Today, she writes about her life in Austin, Texas on her site, Cherish 365. As the mother of a multiracial family, she is a strong advocate for inclusion and acceptance, and also blogs about topics like family travel, making a difference in the world around you, and photography. At the end of the day, Borget hopes to help her readers make the most of every day.

Kelly Holmes of Happy You, Happy Family

In an always sincere, sometimes tongue-in-cheek tone, Kelly Holmes writes with empathy and transparency on her blog, Happy You, Happy Family. She also authored a book of the same name.

Holmes’ philosophy on becoming a parent is to let go of the idea of perfectionism and to find the point at which “good enough” can bring us contentment. Because she believes support is so crucial along the parenting journey, her site serves not just as a blog, but as a community platform where parents can celebrate the joyous moments and vent during those moments when the whole parenting thing may have you feeling down.

Vanessa & Allison of Austin Moms

Vanessa and Allison competed together as pageant contestants, became mothers together and eventually became business partners. This 15-year bond produced one of the top mom blogs in the Austin area: Austin Moms. On their site, you’ll find local area events, attractions, product reviews, parenting think pieces, holiday etiquette and decor and more.

If this sounds like a lot for two people to handle, it is. That’s why over the years, Vanessa and Allison have added a myriad of additional talented writers with different perspectives to their team. This is an especially good blog for you if you’re new to the Austin area and don’t know the kid scene very well yet.

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