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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Boston

By Team Tomorrow
Published July 1, 2019


Today’s Boston is a city of innovation. From its famed research institutes to its vast cultural assets, the city’s environment encourages new ways of thinking and creating. It should be no surprise, then, that the mom bloggers of Boston are producing content across many different subject areas, and are nailing it nearly each and every time.

Be sure not to miss Boston’s Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow!

Kristin Quinn of Misadventures in Mommyhood

Misadventures in Mommyhood takes a light-hearted tone as it addresses the foibles of this journey called parenthood. It has been nominated for many awards, both locally and nationally, as has its author: Kristin Quinn.

Quinn has a background in corporate marketing, but that background has never made her afraid to be her own person. Over the years, on top of running her own online empire Quinn has run her own yoga studio, written a book, created content for other large parenting publications and traveled the world. You can follow along her journey at Misadventures in Mommyhood.

Alexandra Elizabeth of Making Motherhood Visible

Alexandra Elizabeth, the voice behind Making Motherhood Visible, was a single teen mom from a turbulent home. Today, with her eldest a preteen and her youngest a toddler, she uses her blog as a place for catharsis. But not a dark, gloomy catharsis. A catharsis that has led her to empowerment; she is now a college grad, in a healthy relationship and living a full life.

Along the journey, you’ll notice inspiring posts across many areas of Alexandra Elizabeth’s life, including parenting, travel, family traditions, mental health and a number of other thought-provoking topics. Along the way, she also touches on pop culture topics she’s enjoying like fashion, media and family-centric activities.

Cyndi Reitmeyer of BostonTechMom

When Cyndi Reitmeyer’s young daughter started showing an interest in tech, Reitmeyer took a deep dive into all the activities and opportunities she could provide to her. As a business professional who works with tech startups, she knew how important fostering these interests early would be. But it took her a while to locate all the best age-appropriate activities. There was a lot to sort through, but in the process, Reitmeyer became a pro.

In 2014, she launched BostonTechMom with all of her discoveries. If you dig a little you will you find projects you can do at home, but the site primarily features local opportunities for STEM-interestested kids in the Boston area, including events over the summer.

Kate van Geldern Bowler of Domestikated Life

With a self-proclaimed mission to ‘make life entertaining,’ Kat van Geldern Bowler has mad talent when it comes to things like cooking, DIY projects and decorating. She been writing about it all on the Domestikated Life for over ten years. A little over two years ago, her family grew as they welcomed their first daughter. This has allowed for fun, new kid-centric content surrounding birthday parties, baby registries, baby food recipes and stories about traveling with littles.

If you’re looking for ways to take your next get together to the next level, decorate your home seasonally or make anything for you children that much more cute, the Domestikated Life is a blog you won’t want to miss.

Colleen & Gillian of TheEcoMamas

The news about our planet and its impending doom is worrisome to say the least. It can feel overwhelming and like the small changes we adopt won’t make enough of a difference–especially when we take into consideration the inconvenience it will cause.

For this reason, friends, neighbors and mothers to a total of five children–Colleen and Gillian–created TheEcoMamas: A lifestyle blog that focuses on the ways you can change your life to be far more environmentally friendly without over complicating your life. You’ll be able to find information about purchasing decisions, food prep, fashion tips, apps that can help you along your journey and more as the two mothers make meaningful efforts towards a better world for their children without becoming a stressed mess today.

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