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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Charleston

By Team Tomorrow
Published July 12, 2019


If you’re looking for a mom blog with some Southern charm, the bloggers of Charleston have you covered. Discussing everything from corporate to stay-at-home life, yoga and mindfulness to baking and fashion, these five mom bloggers of Tomorrow are dynamic. Wherever you are in your motherhood journey, you’re bound to find something that resonates and inspires.

Windy Silver of Windy in Carolina

Windy Silver was a successful corporate executive before moving from NYC to her dream town of Charleston, SC and becoming a stay-at-home mom. A Southerner by birth, Silver’s reflections on motherhood are refreshingly honest while simultaneously inspiring. You can follow her journey on her blog, Windy in Carolina.

Erica Winters of Spoiled Yogi

Motherhood threw Erica Winters for a loop. When she started the Spoiled Yogi, she felt she was living a cushy life. But when she had a child, she started feeling herself slipping. She felt frazzled, behind and stressed out by this new journey. She even stopped blogging for a while.

But she dug deep and used her skills as a yogi to find her center again, and came back with force. Today, she helps other mothers use the power of yoga to reclaim their own power and peace in their new roles.

Emily Mingledorff of Pie Crust and Pixie Dust

Emily Mingledorff has done it all; she’s been a corporate mom, a stay-at-home mom and every version of a working mom in between. Through it all, though, she’s always dedicated time to spend baking with her three children.

Why? Beyond the tasty goodies you’re rewarded with at the end, Mingledorff says, “Through baking, we learn about the importance of visualizing our goals, giving, teamwork, patience, listening, math, science, and yes, the awesomeness of imperfection.”

Sign us up for those life lessons–and the baked goods! You can follow along with us on Mingledorff’s blog, Pie Crust and Pixie Dust.

Gervase Kolmos of Shiny Happy Human

Gervase Kolmos is a parent herself–on top of being a parenting coach. She has dedicated her career to helping mothers rediscovering themselves underneath all the dirty diapers and mushed peas, and building communities which allow them to thrive as entire human beings.

Her blog, Shiny Happy Human, provides inspirational words for the stressed, acknowledgement of the struggle, and validation of all your feelings–even the ones you may feel ashamed of. On the site, you’ll also be able to find access to her local parenting coaching sessions and classes in the Charleston area. She also provides these services virtually if you are not in South Carolina.

Savannah Guss of Boho and Bows

Sometimes motherhood can make you feel like a hot mess. And that’s okay. You’re allowed to feel and look a hot mess!

But you’re also allowed to look drop-dead gorgeous when the inclination strikes–mom or not. Savannah Guss proves that fact on her blog, Boho and Bows, which preceded her initiation into motherhood. Here, she talks fashion, lifestyle, beauty and her two favorite fashion accessories: Kindness and confidence.

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