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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Cleveland

By Team Tomorrow
Published August 26, 2019


Cleveland is a city undergoing great revitalization. Investment is coming back. Art is coming back. Jobs are coming back. And with all of this renaissance energy, you’ll find plenty of beautiful content surrounding the trials and triumphs of motherhood by Cleveland-based writers.

Carissa Godbott of The Green Eyed Lady Blog

Carissa Godbott’s site started as a fashion blog, but as she had children, the focus shifted to family. Today on The Green Eyed Lady Blog, you’ll find content about raising children — including special needs parenting — and celebrating all the joy and mischief that can be found in life. You’ll still find Carissa talking about fashion every once in a while, along with covering her favorite homemade recipes and foodie joints both in the local Cleveland area and beyond.

Alicia Hansen of Always Alicia

Alicia Hansen started her blog as a way to keep herself accountable and document a weight loss journey of over 100 pounds. As her time passed, her life changed. And so did the content she created. Today on Always Alicia, you’ll find a full exploration of the Northeastern corner of Ohio as experienced by Hansen and her family of three. In particular, you’ll find great information about food in the Cleveland region, local theater and yoga classes which Hansen teaches and organizes.

Jen Rome of Why CLE?

I hate to admit it. It may go back to the football rivalry between the Browns and the Steelers, and the fact that I’m from Pittsburgh myself. But just the other week, when I found out a friend was considering a move, I asked her, “But why Cleveland?”

She pulled out a list of great facts that I hadn’t previously known about the area. Apparently this question gets asked a lot, though, because Jen Rome created a site revolving around answering it: Why CLE?

While the site does cover amazing things for families to do, places to eat, community events and more of the like, it also covers Rome’s experiences as a wife, mother and small business owner in the Cleveland, Ohio region.

Courtney Lynn Ottrix of Courtney Covers Cleveland

Courtney Lynn Ottrix’s love for the region is so boundless, though, that she promotes it even outside of her day job, running the blog Courtney Covers Cleveland in her off hours. Here, you’ll be able to find the adventures of Courtney and her family as she, her husband and four children participate in all the city has to offer.

Jess Edmisten of Just Like Jess

Being a young mom can feel isolating sometimes. Most people your age are not in the same stage of life as you are. Most people in the same stage of life as you are may be older, sometimes even looking down on you as if your age automatically made you less qualified to parent.

Jess Edmisten fights those stereotypes on her blog, Just Like Jess, where she writes about her journey through motherhood since she found out she was expecting at age 21. This Cleveland mom blogger endeavors to prove that you can be a great mother while simultaneously pursuing your own identity and best life.

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