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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: New York City

By Team Tomorrow
Published May 20, 2021

In the biggest city in America, there’s no shortage of people with big stories. Stories that will inspire you, inform you and make you feel stronger and exist in this world as a better person.

New York City molds and attracts people with these larger-than-life stories. That includes a slew of great moms sharing their stories with the world via thier blogs. Today, we’ve picked five of our favorite NYC mom bloggers you’ll want to read now and bookmark for tomorrow.

Danielle Wilson of Dellah’s Jubilation

Danielle Wilson–who also goes by Dellah–was at a point of real transition when she started Dellah’s Jubilation. She had lost her job, was in school completing her education, was expecting a child in two months and was battling Crohn’s disease. She stayed home with her children for a while, but needed an outlet. For creativity. To spark passion.

The blog inspired by that need has followed Wilson and her family throughout the years, through school, through chronic illness, through parenting and reentering employment. On Dellah’s Jubilation, you’ll also find a ton of great events in the metropolitan area, along with the media and entertainment she has recently been enjoying with her family.

Maria Adcock of Bicultural Mama

Maria Adcock is a first-generation Chinese-American raising her children in Long Island with her Caucasian husband. Merging two cultures in one family requires unique consideration. Adcock shares these considerations across areas beyond language, such as heritage, culture, and religion.

Adcock herself is a former marketing executive turned full-time homemaker. Bicultural Mama follows her journey by documenting all things parenthood, food and travel along the way.

Nicole Perrino of Bronx Mama

The baby days of the internet were not all that long ago, though that’s easy to forget as we pull our smart phones out of our pockets to complete virtually any task instantaneously.

In 2006, Nicole Perrino was still finding holes in the internet. For example, when she and her family moved to the Bronx, they had a hard time finding things to do, even though there was no shortage of activity in the borough. There just wasn’t one, centralized place to find event information.

In 2008, she fixed the problem by creating Bronx Mama, a one-stop resource for parents in the Bronx searching for family-friendly activities. The site popped off, and today contains not just information about events, but also parent groups, volunteer opportunities, jobs and date ideas.

Alicia Harper of Mommy Delicious

Alicia Harper is a force of nature. New York Times Scholar, a three-time graduate of Columbia University, educator, domestic violence survivor and single mother, she’s honest about her struggles and inspiring as she works her way to her triumphs. Watching the journey of healing with all its ups and downs as Harper celebrates her journey of motherhood is moving, and something you won’t want to miss. Follow along via her blog, Mommy Delicious.

Monica Encarnacion of NYC Tech Mommy

Monica Encarnacion is a native NYC mom and educator who’s obsessed with all things tech. If you’re looking for the latest app, tablet, headphones or anything of the like for your child, you’ll want to check out her blog: NYC Tech Mommy.

Beyond tech, Encarnacion shares her family’s adventures in the city. Whether they’re going on a family outing, planning parties, DIYing home repairs or even globetrotting, you’ll catch a glimpse of it on her blog. Regular readers will also catch some pretty great giveaways.

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