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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Omaha

By Team Tomorrow
Published November 5, 2019

If you want to visit the world’s largest indoor desert, the NCAA Men’s College World Series and home of the Reuben, you’ll want to head to Omaha, Nebraska. This quickly-growing metropolis offers a lot of the conveniences of a city with some of the simplicities of midwestern living.

It also offers some pretty amazing mom blogs. Here are some of our favorites.

Cam Vacek of Light Passing Through

Cam Vacek is a wife, girl mom of three and small business owner. She documents her work, family and spiritual life in Omaha on her blog, Light Passing Through. We particularly love Vacek’s spontaneous personality and real perspective as a small business owner without necessarily being a “business coach.” Vacek is also a contributor to Omaha Moms Blog.

Bridget Aschoff of The Silver Lining Mama

Bridget Aschoff’s daughter, Claire, was born with a rare gene variant. It caused the absence of the nerve bundle that would typically connect both parts of her brain, low muscle tone and other challenges. Beyond sharing her journey on The Silver Lining Mama, Aschoff has turned advocate.

Nebraska recently revoked one of the waivers which allowed disabled children to access Medicaid coverage. This change was set to leave children like Aschoff’s without coverage. The only other qualifying waiver program had a six to seven year waitlist, making it an impossible option for parents who needed coverage for their special needs children today.

That is, until Aschoff and other advocates made their voices heard. Now children kicked off the old waiver will be able to switch over without going to the back of the line. They are still fighting for the 20%-30% of children who will not qualify for this transfer.

Ashli Brehm of Baby on the Brehm

Ashli Brehm doesn’t just blog about motherhood; this Omaha mom blogs about her whole life. Brehm has survived a lot, including breast cancer and a double mastectomy. While Brehm doesn’t shy away from honesty, you’ll find that her writing is ultimately encouraging. Inspiring.

And fun. Brehm covers the books she’s reading, posts the latest snapshots of family fun on her IG and has even written a book on top of it all. You can check out her work on Baby on the Brehm.

Nicole McDonald of Mom Saves Money

If you’re looking for the best deals in Omaha, you’ll want to check out Nicole McDonald’s blog on the regular. Mom Saves Money provides giveaways, online coupons, roundups of current sales in the region and tips for living on less. Those outside Nebraska can get good use out of McDonald’s content, but those who will reap the most benefits will be hyper local.

Tunette Powell

Tunette Powell is a powerful, compassionate and driven voice in the realm of education for black students. Mother of three and two-time author, Powell started on her journey when her sons started being suspended — from preschool. It didn’t seem right to her, and as she researched, she found that black students are disproportionately suspended from school; it wasn’t just her own experience. It was a larger systemic problem.

Since making that realization, she has been a strong advocate across the country, working with districts and teachers to educate them on the inequities black students face, and how these professionals can work to better address them.

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