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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: San Francisco

By Team Tomorrow
Published June 24, 2019


Parenting looks different with every child and every mother. This fact can leave you feeling isolated sometimes. But while every journey through motherhood is different, there are so many others out there going through something similar. Whether your child is a twin, has Autism, is homeschooled, stresses you out and/or makes you jump for joy as they explore the world around them, you’ll be able to find a San Francisco mom blogger who is right there with you.

Malika Yasmin

When you have a child, your life changes completely. When your child is diagnosed with a disability, your life changes even more. That’s what Malika Yasmin found out when her son was diagnosed with autism. The diagnosis led her on a mission to take extra care of everyone’s health, and she now shares healthy recipes and family adventures both on her blog and her Instagram account. Recent content includes the transition from being a mother to two to a mother of three and celebrating milestones–whether that be Eid or the first date night since baby was born–with her husband.

TerriAnn van Gosliga of Cookies & Clogs

In a nod to the author’s Chinese heritage and her husband’s Dutch, Cookies & Clogs is a fun, lifestyle blog for moms. Written by TerriAnn van Gosliga, Cookies & Clogs covers her family’s adventures at home and abroad. Check out their travels, family recipes, local family life in San Francisco with a teen, and family entertainment for those everywhere.

Van Gosliga also has great tips on homeschooling, mainstreaming and helping your high school student earn two-thirds of an Associate’s degree before graduation. Mother of a recent high-school grad herself, she’s been through it all before.

Alessandra Marie

Being a mom is challenging, and being a mom with twins is a whole other adventure. That’s why Alessandra Marie shares both the joys and struggles of being a twin mom as she raises her children in San Francisco. At first, she had trouble taking her kids out of the home by herself because of all the overwhelm, but as time has gone on her confidence as a mother has grown. You can enjoy as she shares a positive message of motherhood without dismissing the struggle on her blog and as a regular contributor to San Francisco Moms Blog.

Laura of SFMamaKoala

Also a writer at San Francisco Moms Blog, Laura, too, maintains her own site: SFMamaKoala. On the blog and her Instagram account, you’ll find her gallivanting around the Bay Area with her husband and two young children. On the side, she works locally with brands on events and nonprofits on fundraisers. To explore all the local things to do with kids in the region, you’ll want to follow along Laura’s journeys.

Claudya Martinez of By Claudya

When Claudya Martinez had kids, she needed a creative outlet. A place to be herself and connect with others. So she started a blog. A bilingual Latina mother of two, Martinez writes at By Claudya with honesty, positivity and humor as she shares both her family life and her inner world. If you’re looking for realness mixed with a healthy dose of levity, look no further.

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