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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Seattle

By Team Tomorrow
Published August 15, 2019

With gorgeous scenery, good food and supportive communities, Seattle is a great place to raise a family. If the Seattle Freeze has made it hard to find activities or meet other parents, cue our Seattle parenting bloggers! These moms and dads have unique insight into the Pacific Northwest, and we’re honored to feature their stories.

Marcie Cheung of Marcie in Mommyland

Marcie Cheung’s home base is Seattle, but her playground is the world. That didn’t stop when she had children. As she trotted around the globe with her young family, everyone she knew kept telling her how brave she was to be doing what she was doing with kids. After so many comments, she decided to start a blog where she would teach others how she traveled with a baby and toddler without losing her mind.

Thus, Marcie in Mommyland was born. Cheung’s children are getting older, so her tips have expanded to include new age groups. Always on the go, this is a mom blogger you’ll want to follow.

Jen Dotson and Sia Hills of Thrifty NW Mom

Thrifty NW Mom, started by the team of Jen Dotson and Sia Hills, has advice on saving money in so many aspects of your life. After Marcie teaches you how to travel with kids, Jen and Sia can teach you how to save money to make those travel plans a reality. They’ve also got great cook-at-home recipes, DIY projects, deals and steals, budgeting tips and tips on frugal things to do in the Pacific Northwest. With their tips, you’ll be able to stretch your dollars further and participate in more that this world has to offer.

Kusum of Sveeteskapes

Kusum is the unapologetically uplifting lifestyle blogger behind Sveeteskapes. She started writing about her life with her husband, who helps her behind the scenes. It was just the two of them when she started blogging. A little over a year ago, they welcomed their first child. You’ll still find great tips about decor, luxe travel, fashion and fitness, but in the mix you’ll now also find content about throwing a first birthday party or must-have baby products. Cuteness ensues.

Chris and Rob Taylor of 2TravelDads

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s nice that there’s finally some representation of that fact in media. Chris and Rob Taylor, who run 2TravelDads and are based in Seattle, share their stories of traveling around the world with their two children. Their story isn’t only compelling because they’re a family broadening their horizons in the most exciting of ways, but also because they’re some of the first sharing these stories from an LGBTQ perspective.

Terumi Pong of An Emerald City Life

Terumi Pong loves getting outside with her twin boys. She documents their adventures both at home in Seattle and abroad at An Emerald City Life. While her family’s travels do take them outside the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find a lot of content specific to the region. Things like ice cream shop recommendations, bike trails, unicorned-themed everything and sustainability initiatives–all happening in Seattle and the surrounding areas. It’s impossible to read Pong’s work without being excited about five new things to do with your kids this weekend.

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