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Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Tampa

By Team Tomorrow
Published September 23, 2019

Tampa, Florida: Home of the Tampa Bay Rays, Busch Gardens and MacDill Air Force Base. It’s a city that basks in sunshine and offers an urban setting in a very rural state.

But Tampa is more than its attractions. Tampa is the sum of its people, and its people are pretty amazing. Specifically, this city pumps out a plethora of great mom blogs, and we’re so excited to highlight some of the best today.

Sheriss Crosskey of Tampa Bay Moms

Sheriss Crosskey is a Tampa native who wandered around for a while with her husband in young adulthood, calling faraway places like Boston and Atlanta “home” before returning to her sunny city for good. Crosskey is a mother and full-time special educator, as well as the founder of Tampa Bay Moms.

The blog is an effort she started to connect with other mothers in the area, and now hosts a slew of content compiled by an entire team, educating you on everything from housekeeping tips to local attractions, DIY ideas to birth stories and fashion to friendship. Whatever you’re looking for as a Tampa Bay mom, Crosskey and her team have you covered.

Imelda Olvera of Mama and Sun

Having a child when you’re young is challenging. No bones about it. But just because it’s a challenge doesn’t mean you’ll be bad at it.

Exhibit A?

Imelda Olvera of Mama and Sun.

On her blog, Olvera documents her life as someone who became pregnant in high school. If you’re looking for thought-provoking reflections on the way society treats mothers–especially young and/or working mothers–Olvera’s work is for you. On Mama and Sun, you’ll also find DIY projects for preschoolers and cool things to do around the Tampa area, where Olvera and her son currently live.

Yamel Belen of Kurly Crown

More than ten years ago, Yamel Belen cut her hair short. Like short, short. She felt scared, not beautiful, and a whole bunch of other negative emotions.

But she also felt empowered. Belen was starting her natural hair journey, and she needed other people to join her on it. She needed the moral support. So she launched a Facebook group which later became a blog: Kurly Crown. While Belen’s blog does follow her natural hair journey, it also covers other parts of her life and beauty routine. With five children and a career as a registered nurse and professional doula, there is no shortage of great content around self-empowerment and parenthood!

Jaclyn Quinones of Crazy Life with Littles

Jaclyn Quinones is an ambitious, working mother helping others out as she figures out how to do this whole motherhood thing. With two young sons at home, Quinones covers fashion, heart-to-heart conversations with your kids, recipes, DIY projects, travel, beauty and more for all of her fellow working moms in Tampa and beyond on her blog, Crazy Life with Littles.

Angel McClung of Anchors and Planes

Angel McClung is in Tampa — for now. The traveling photographer and mother is also a military spouse, so her family goes where her husband is stationed. Her family includes her son, her two furbabies, and another biological one on the way.

McClung’s faith is important to her and makes a frequent appearance on her blog, as do vegan recipes, reflections on motherhood, making it through a deployment, miscarriage, DIY projects and travel. As the McClungs move around the country and build their family, the only question is, ‘What will you find on Anchors and Planes next?’

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