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Parenting Coaches of Tomorrow: Dallas

By Team Tomorrow
Published September 10, 2019


The DFW area is full of experienced professionals working to make your life as a parent more manageable, enjoyable and meaningful. In particular, Dallas has a lot of coaches for those parenting teens and tweens or doing the job of parenting solo. We’ve rounded up some of the best the area has to offer to help you find the local parenting coach that’s right for you.

Keisha Howard Gaddis

Keisha Howard Gaddis, aka Coach Keisha, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life Coach. She focuses her practice on teen girls and their parents, helping family members understand each others’ strengths and struggles through the adolescent period. This is especially important in an age when anxiety, depression and suicide are on the rise for Gen Z.

Coach Keisha understands these struggles both because of what she went through as a teen herself and because of her years of experience as a school counselor for teenagers. She saw her own experiences reflected and magnified in the girls she worked with, and knew she had to do something about it. Today, she does just that by working holistically with families as they strive to do their best by their daughters.

JoAnn Schauf

JoAnn Schauf’s target audience errs on the younger side of adolescence: tweens. At her practice, Your Tween & You, she coaches parents and tweens, helping them build healthy, open relationships that will serve them through the rest of the teen years.

Since starting her practice in 2016, Schauf has seen great success, both through her client work and her professional endeavors. In 2017, she was awarded the Top Entrepreneur in Dallas Award for her entrepreneurial efforts, and she is currently compiling a book for parents of tweens drawing from both her experiences as a mother of four and her experiences as a parenting coach.

Kaywanda Lamb

Single momming is intense. Not only do you often find yourself the primary caretaker for your children, but you also often find yourself as the primary breadwinner. Doing either of these jobs is difficult, but doing them both simultaneously takes women who are larger than life.

Here’s the thing: You don’t always feel like you’re larger than life, even when your circumstances call for it. That’s why Kaywanda Lamb — a single mother herself — offers a whole suite of coaching services, including online courses for all the diverse roles you must play. Whether you want to learn how to build your business, approach dating as a single mother or simply reduce stress in your life, Lamb has you covered.

Marcela Montes

Together with LCSW and Certified Autism Specialist Erica Sewell, Marcela Montes offers her services through counseling rather than coaching at Full Circle Counseling and Family Services. yMontes has a large breadth of experience, including past work with those with emotional and behavioral challenges across all age ranges, and experience with those going through the loss of divorce — whether you’re the parent or a child. Her services are available in both English and Spanish.

Teia Collier

Teia Collier is the successful publisher behind Dallas Single Mom, where she has been providing motherhood concierge services for over a decade. These services include coordinating pretty much everything in your life, from babysitters to travel arrangements.

As a single mom, Collier knows how valuable your time is, which is a major reason to provide those concierge services. But she also knows how difficult it can be to juggle everything you’ve got going on in your daily life. For that reason, she also offers coaching services which can help single moms start living their best lives today.

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