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Parenting Coaches of Tomorrow: Houston

By Team Tomorrow
Published July 21, 2019


No one is happy when there’s strife on the home-front. Not the kids. Not mom. Not anyone. Everyone would like to see things change.

Yet in a world where we seem to have access to all the information, it can sometimes feel like we have access to zero concrete solutions.

What should I be doing to help my specific child through a hard time?

Why aren’t the discipline methods that are working for all my friends working for me?

And how the heck am I supposed to have a conflict-free conversation with a teenager?

There are so many contradicting answers online, and none of them answer your question with insights into you, your child and your current life situation. Sure you’ve got information. But there’s no way to successfully sift through all of it on your own.

If you’re ready to take charge and find some clarity, here are five fantastic parenting coaches from Houston, Texas. As experienced mothers themselves and professionals across many different fields, they’re ready to give you unique insights into your own personal parenting journey.

Denika Carothers

Bahamas-native Denika Carothers is a Spiritual Life Coach and Womb Energy Specialist based in Houston, Texas. A major part of her practice focuses on parenting; specifically intentional and purposeful parenting.

Carothers’ approach is inspiring and actionable, but it’s also real. She acknowledges that she had a hard time at the beginning of her own parenting journey, and openly shares how that struggle led her to the epiphanies she today shares with her clients. Her insights are backed up by evidence: Today, she continues to maintain unique and beautiful relationships with each of her three adult children.

Tina Bowne Hart

Tina Bowne Hart has worked across many fields, including spiritual guidance and school counseling. In her current work, she combines her diverse experiences to help both parents and families work through relational and educational stressors induced by anxiety, ADHD or lack of focus.

Specifically, she has four ADHD-centric programs: One for high school kids with ADHD, another for college students with ADHD, the third focused on adults with ADHD, and the final program for parents of children with ADHD.

Randi Rubenstein

If you’re struggling with a strong-willed child in particular, Randi Rubenstein has your back. Having gone through a similar experience while raising one of her own children, who are now teens and young adults, she developed the Mastermind Parenting Method to successfully make it through to the other side.

Today, this Houston mom uses the self-same method, which incorporates both positive parenting and mind mastering strategies, to help other families with strong-willed children get to that other side, too, where things are more calm and peaceful.

Ehrin Weiss

Ehrin Weiss, owner of Houston Family Psychology, PLLC, approaches coaching parents through the lens of psychology. With a background in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Weiss helps parents find solutions to hard problems, like dealing with a child who never seems to listen, responding in a healthy way to conflicts with your child, and all the complexities of co-parenting.

Weiss also provides counseling services to children and adolescents. It may be possible to schedule these services in tandem with parent counseling.

Laura Lyles Reagan

Laura Lyles Reagan takes a truly unique approach to coaching relationships between parents and teens. Rather than focusing exclusively on the parents, Reagan also speaks to the teens, acknowledging that despite our stereotypes of teenagers, many want functioning relationships with their parents and are equally as frustrated with the communication breakdown.

Reagan comes at this as a parent herself. But she also comes in with over 20 years of professional experience. With a Masters in Sociology focusing on interactionism and family communication theories, she spent a large portion of her career applying her studies at nonprofits, where she assisted families in building better communication channels.

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