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Parenting Coaches of Tomorrow: San Francisco

By Team Tomorrow
Published June 24, 2019


If you’re looking for parenting advice and live in San Francisco, you’re in luck. The Bay Area has a highly-educated base of parenting coaches, some of whom have worked 1:1 with children in educational settings, and others who have dedicated their entire higher learning journey to becoming the best parents they possibly can be.

Whatever your child’s age or needs, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a parenting coach that matches your specific set of circumstances. Here are our five favorites in the Golden City.

Kiran Gaind

Kiran Gaind is a mother of two and parenting coach in Palo Alto outside of San Francisco. Her practice–The Connected Family–has been open for eight years, but prior to that her background was very heavily education based. She decided to apply her Ivy-league education as a high school teacher in the Bay Area’s inner-city school districts. After almost a decade as a history teacher, Gaind transitioned into school redesign projects which successfully created better learning environments for students.

In the latest chapter of her career, she has decided to focus on coaching ‘modern’ parents. She holds certifications with both New Ventures West and Hand-in-Hand Parenting, and offers initial consultations for free.

Abby Somerfeld

Similarly to Gaind, Abby Somerfeld was a teacher for about a decade before she opened her coaching business. When she became a mother, she got into the trenches and recognized just how messy and beautiful parenting could be. She wanted to help parents through the messy parts by empowering them to live full, authentic lives not only in their roles as caretakers, but also in their various roles outside of parenthood.

Today, she does just that through an approach she describes as ‘intuitive, authentic, direct and empathic.’ Somerfeld also offers initial consultations for free.

Aki Raymer

Aki Raymer is a parenting coach based out of Oakland across the bay. But she’s not just a parenting coach. She’s also a certified Positive Discipline educator, an infant mental health specialist with the degree to back it up, and the founder of Parenting Paths–her coaching business.

Raymer started down her path to becoming a parenting coach when her daughter was born in 2004. Eager to educate herself on how to become the parent she wanted to be, she went back to school to study psychology, infant mental health and Positive Discipline. She then took her knowledge and applied it to her entrepreneurial venture, proving that heart, purpose and career can all go hand-in-hand.

And, once again, initial consultations are free.

Jenny Kepler

Parenting can feel very different depending on your personal relationships. You might be a single parent, in a relationship with your child’s parent, a grandparent raising your grandchild or a part of any other number of nuclear family structures.

More and more commonly, when parents split they are choosing the path of co-parenting. When you’re co-parenting with an ex, you’ll likely need a whole different set of skills than those who find themselves in a traditional family setup. In these situations, seeking out a coach who has worked with parents to successfully co-parent in a healthy manner can be huge.

Jenny Kepler is one such parenting coach. Working with Psyched–a therapy practice with locations in both San Francisco and Palo Alto–she specifically works with exes as they work to effectively co-parent, but also works with all parents as a coach, on top of serving as a family therapist.

Elisabeth Stitt

Elisabeth Stitt of Joyful Parenting Coaching has a ton of experience with children. She is a retired teacher of 25 years, and has grown children and step-children whom she helped raised. Today, her practice focuses on offering parents the support they need to get by while they’re on their parenting journey in our increasingly socially-isolated world, and offering practical and time-tested methodologies. She takes care of her clients both emotionally and realistically.

Stitt’s practice not only offers 1:1 coaching, but also regularly hosts workshops in the San Francisco area.

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