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Parenting Coaches of Tomorrow: Seattle

By Team Tomorrow
Published July 2, 2019


Parenting is no picnic. You may think you’ve got it all down until you find yourself trying not to lose your cool the fortieth time the four-year-old has created a wall mural. You need help when you can’t keep the siblings from attacking each other. And that anxiety you’re feeling? You may want to look at some life hacks before popping another lorazepam.

Luckily there are talented individuals out there to help. As you raise the next generation, turn to these five Seattleites, all mothers themselves, who help parents get from stressed to blessed.

Sarina Natkin Parenting

Sarina Behar Natkin started her career in the field of domestic violence. When she was expecting her first child, she decided she wanted to shift her focus as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) to help families build healthy foundations from the start.

Natkin has built a large community and appears regularly on local TV. But she isn’t all just glitz and glam: She has the professional background to back her up as a parenting coach. On top of being an LICSW, she is a certified positive discipline trainer and certified Gottman instructor, working with courses such as Bringing Baby Home and Positive Discipline.

Casey O’Roarty of Joyful Courage

Perhaps best known for her Joyful Courage podcast, Casey O’Roarty is a wealth of inspiration for parents who feel like they’re struggling. She also embraces the Positive Discipline methodology, and has used it to establish more peace in both her own family life and the lives of those she coaches.

A parent of teens herself, O’Roarty went through a lot of the same darkness that creeps in when you feel like you’re just not the parent you thought you would be. She leads and coaches with experience and compassion to help her clients get back to a place of familial joy.

Sharon Ballantine: Parenting Coach

If you’re looking for a spiritual guru to help you with your child rearing skills, Sharon Ballantine is it. Ballantine spent a lot of time studying things like the law of attraction under spiritual masters after losing most of her family in her mid-20s. She has taken these insights and applied them to the challenges parents face on a daily basis.

Today Ballantine is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, a graduate of The Four Winds Society and founder of The Ballantine Institute—an online portal where parents can establish their highest parenting intentions. All this she does on top of working with individual coaching clients.

Kari Clark of Uplift

Becoming a parent is a huge life transition, full of doubt but also self-discovery. Kari Clark took that opportunity to not only transition into being a good parent, but also to become a better person. Today, she helps other working moms do the same through the Uplift platform.

Because working moms have limited time in the day, the trainings on Uplift are short and concise; you can fit them in between running errands or on your lunch break. You’ll not only get tips on how to become a better mom, but you’ll also learn pro tips on structuring your life for optimization, moving up the career ladder while being a parent and determining when you really just need to give yourself permission to outsource.

Julietta Skoog of Sproutable

Julietta Skoog is a parenting coach who isn’t afraid to get real with her clients about her day-to-day struggles as a parent herself. These relatable stories make her a personable coach, but her background in education and psychology make her a professional.

Skoog founded Sproutable with co-founder Alanna Beebe, where the two focus on nurturing every child and every parents’ full potential. They focus on the child, yes, but also on the whole human being of a parent. By using this approach and implementing Positive Discipline, Skoog helps her clients live fuller, less stressful lives.

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