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These 5 Tools Will Help You Organize Your Child’s Schoolwork

By Team Tomorrow
Published February 4, 2021

Staying organized as a parent was never easy. It got harder when we had to stay organized not only in the physical world, but in the digital world, as well.

This year, on top of everything else, many of us are also equipping our children with their own at-home study zones that also have to stay organized — on top of our inbox and the kids’ art portfolio.

If it seems like organization is an overwhelming task this year, that’s because it is. Here are five tools that can help you simplify as you organize your child’s school work in 2021.

Recollections 5-Drawer Rolling Cart

If you’re doing cyber school this year, you’ve probably noticed that keeping track of everything after materials pickup day each 9 weeks can be overwhelming. Your child might have three different books each for math, social studies, language arts and science. On top of that they probably have different worksheets and other papers that either pile up or disappear as the quarter wears on.

A good way to organize is with a tool like this 5-drawer rolling cart from Michael’s. By color coding each subject, these drawers can help your kids keep track of all their paperwork, textbooks and other necessary supplies so they’re within arm’s reach when they need them.

Pencil Organizer

If the top of their desk needs to be organized just as badly as their textbooks and paperwork, you can invest in a much smaller set of drawers for them to keep on their desktop. Here they can store pencils, sharpeners, erasers and more.

Another cute way to organize their desktop is with a large pencil holder like this one from Etsy, which will allow them to easily and visually store each item.

My Keepsake Portfolio from Lakeshore

If you’re organizing all the art and schoolwork from years’ past, getting a portfolio like this one from Lakeshore is a good way to go. Because it’s oversized, you’ll be able to store handwriting worksheets alongside huge art projects. You can use the tabs to denote each grade level, storing everything neatly in one place.


Maybe you don’t actually want to save every last piece of paper, or you can picture your portfolio busting at the seams after shoving in every last art project from 3rd grade alone.

There is another option. You can take things digital. With the Artkive app, you can send your child’s art projects and other school work in to be professionally photographed. Once photographed, your child’s work will be viewable online in their portfolio. You can also order a book containing your child’s work, condensing what would have otherwise been a bulky storage item into a displayable coffee table piece.

Each book can hold between 20 and 200 images.

Dedicated Email Address

A big part of being an organized parent in the digital age is keeping on top of your email. It can be particularly difficult to keep on top of communication from your child’s school if these school emails are mixed in with everything else in your inbox.

Luckily, you can easily keep on top of all school emails by having a dedicated email address that you only give to the school. You do not give it out for any newsletters or internet freebies. You do not use it for communication with your extended family or anything else. You only use it for school.

If you want to be particularly organized, you can change your school-dedicated email address every year. You could even have a separate email address for each child. However you set things up, make sure you keep this address dedicated to just this one topic.

Organizing your long-term finances

As you organize your children’s school work this year, you might try applying the same practice to your personal finances. Over this past year in particular, more and more parents are looking for ways to organize their estate plans.

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