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Best Father’s Day Gift: Security and Peace of Mind

By Team Tomorrow
Published August 10, 2021

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Dad a Life Insurance Policy – And How to Have Fun With It!

Life insurance makes for a terrific Father’s Day gift. It’s affordable, easy to purchase, and shows dad that you care.

However, life insurance also tends to make us think about our own mortality. While your father will appreciate your gift in the long run, it’s not something that anyone wants to think about on their special day.

Luckily, there are plenty of creative, sentimental, and humor ways to gift life insurance. Here are a few reasons why you should get dad a life insurance policy, and how to have fun with it:

Reason: It Provides Security

Our guide to life insurance policies lays out the many benefits of life insurance. It can:

  • Help your beneficiaries maintain their lifestyle
  • Supplement your income or retirement
  • Pay off debts
  • Pay for funeral and costs
  • Secure a mortgage

Knowing that their loved ones are protected takes a huge weight off a parents’ shoulders.

Get Creative: Emphasize the “Life” in Life Insurance

Create a slideshow, book, or collage when presenting life insurance as a Father’s Day gift. Helping dad visualize all the ways that life insurance can be used will make him appreciate your gift even more. Include pictures of:

  • You or your kids going to college
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • You and your spouse in front of your new home
  • Images of your family growing up
  • Your dad and spouse enjoying their retirement

If your dad is less sentimental and more pragmatic, you can also include a chart of their cash value build over time.

Reason: It’s Permanent

Whole life insurance lasts for the duration of your dad’s life, and a new tax rule has even made it a better investment and cheaper to buy.

How many other Father’s Day gifts are going to last that long?

Get Creative: Create a Memorial for Broken Gifts

If your dad’s got a sense of humor, create an Oscar’s style In Memoriam of gifts that failed the test of time. Show images of his favorite Seahawk’s coffee mug, his bleached dress shirt, and the tennis shoes the dog ate. Double down by pairing it with some somber music to really get the laughs going.

At the end of the memorial, include an image of dad’s life insurance policy with a caption like “We’re sorry that some of your gifts didn’t last, so this year we got you something that will. Happy Father’s Day.”

Reason: It’s Affordable

As we mentioned in our Mother’s Day post, life insurance is affordable for many, and premiums start as low as $25/month. If you and your siblings buy life insurance as a Father’s Day gift together, you can purchase it for the price of a couple of lattes a month.

Get Creative: Get Sarah McLachlan Involved

We only recommend this strategy if your dad has a tremendous sense of humor.

Find a short family video that heavily features your dad. Pair to the tune In the Arms of an Angel, a la the ASPCA commercials that always feature pets that need a home, and add the narration bit stating that you can provide dad the gift of coverage for just $.80 a day. If your premium is $25/month, that’s about all your coverage will cost!

Reason: Because We Love You

Father’s Day is a celebration that honors the fathers in our lives. Think about all the moments you and your dad shared. Think about all of the lessons he’s taught you, the laughs you’ve had, and the hardships he’s gotten you through. A life insurance policy is one of the most thoughtful ways to say, “Thank you.”

Get Creative: Photos of Growing Up

Tug at dad’s heartstrings by putting together a photo album of pictures of your family when you were kids. Include all the hits, like birthdays, vacations, graduations, and other milestones that will put a smile on his face. At the end of the album, include a certificate of the life insurance policy and sentimental words like, “Thank you for taking care of us. Now let us take care of you.”

Getting life insurance as a Father’s Day gift is easier than ever. Get dad covered through Tomorrow!

Don’t have Life Insurance? Well we made it easy for you to apply for reliable life insurance through our simplified and streamlined online application process. No exam | No waiting | No hassles | Fast, free quote!


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