How does Tomorrow handle my privacy?

At Tomorrow we take your privacy seriously, and we're honored that you have placed your trust in us.

We encourage you to explore our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to understand that we do not sell your data, and are committed to bringing you the best possible experience within the app.

You'll read how instead of selling your data to insurance companies, we find you the best price on the best product for you, and then provide that insurance carrier just the information they need to underwrite the insurance policy, and nothing more.

You will also read how we share aggregated, anonymized data with our university research partners. They use behavioral science to help us build a national movement around securing every family's financial future.

Then move on to the Legal Disclaimer, where you will read in plain English that Tomorrow is not a law firm and does not give out legal advice. Lawyers are awesome — if everyone could afford the time and money to hire lawyers to complete their wills and trusts, we wouldn't be doing what we're doing.

Feel free to reach out with questions or feedback: