What is the difference between a Will, Pour-Over Will, and Living Will? Which kind do you offer in Tomorrow?

A last Will and testament is a document that names guardians for your minor children and determines who will receive certain property when you pass away.

A pour-over Will is designed to work together with a revocable living trust to ensure certain property is moved into your trust fund when you pass away.

A living will (also known as an AHD) is a document that outlines a person's medical treatment in circumstances in which they are no longer able to express informed consent. For more information about advance healthcare directives, see our blog post.

Tomorrow provides a last Will and testament. When you create a Trust, Tomorrow also provides a pour-over Will. A pour-over Will offers more privacy than a traditional Will because it doesn't include your specific bequests and gifts (these are in the Trust). A pour-over Will also minimizes court involvement in your Trust and usually simplifies the probate process.

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