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Dave Hanley

CEO & Founder
Dave Hanley, CEO
Lindsey Briggs

Head of Estate Planning
Lindsey Briggs, Head of Estate Planning
Josh Heckathorn

VP Financial Services & Co-founder
Josh Heckathorn, VP Financial Services
Erik Berg

VP Product & Co-founder
Erik Berg, VP Product
Sam McRoberts

Head of Growth
Sam McRoberts, Head of Growth
Wayne Rambo

VP Engineering
Wayne Rambo
Brent Scheffler

Sr. Software Engineer
Brent Scheffler, Sr. Software Engineer
John Hearn

Software Engineer
John Hearn, Software Engineer
Benjamin Dodgson

Software Engineer
Benjamin Dodgson
Ben Petty

Software Engineer
Ben Petty
Jason Bodie

Software Engineer
Jason Bodie, Software Engineer
Martin Young

Software Engineer
Martin Young, Software Engineer
Arthur Hoki

Customer Success
Arthur Hoki, Customer Success at Tomorrow