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Conquering Your Financial Fears: A #TomorrowTalk Recap

By dailin
Published October 30, 2018

We’re sorry to say goodbye, but our last #TomorrowTalk (at least for the forseeable future) was held last Thursday. We loved having Amy from Life Zemplified guest-host to discuss conquering your financial fears in honor of Halloween. She’s been a frequent #TomorrowTalk supporter, and we were thrilled to have her!


Our topic this month ended up unearthing some deeply-rooted financial fears, even from the financial experts who participated. Everything from not having enough in emergency savings – especially should a disaster like Hurricane Michael strike — to dying without a will (which we’re trying to prevent here at Tomorrow!) came up, and we were honored that everything was willing to be so vulnerable.


Below we share some of our favorite findings from our participants — to see all of the discussion, click here! Although we’re bummed it’s the last, we’re excited for all the new, innovative products we’re creating, and we appreciate your support of Tomorrow and our team.


Q1. Do you worry a lot about money and your financial future? If so, how often? #TomorrowTalk







Q2. What financial fear keeps you up at night? #TomorrowTalk








Q3. How can saving an emergency fund help alleviate some financial fear? #TomorrowTalk








Q4. Here at Tomorrow, we talk about things like creating a will or having a life insurance policy. How can having these safeguards in place help ease your mind? #TomorrowTalk










Q5: How does a positive mindset help you approach money without fear? #TomorrowTalk







Q6. What’s one thing you can do today to help conquer your financial fears? #TomorrowTalk



We’re about to wrap up our #TomorrowTalk! Do you have any additional thoughts or comments?






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