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Mindfulness & Money: A #TomorrowTalk Recap

By dailin
Published June 4, 2019

We had a great time at last Thursday’s #TomorrowTalk, our very own Twitter chat! We loved having Erik from The Mastermind Within guest-host to chat about how being mindful can lead to accomplishing money goals. He’s been a frequent #TomorrowTalk guest, and we were so excited to have him lead us.

Below we share some of our favorite findings from our participants — to see all of the discussion, click here! #TomorrowTalk happens on the third Thursday of every month, and we can’t wait to see you in September!

Q1. When you hear the word “mindfulness”, what do you think of? #TomorrowTalk






Q2. In your opinion, what do mindfulness and personal finance success have in common? #TomorrowTalk







Q3. How can being mindful help you be better with money? #TomorrowTalk











Q4. What are your biggest money challenges? How do you think mindfulness could help? #TomorrowTalk







Q5: What are some ways you practice mindfulness daily when it comes to your finances? #TomorrowTalk









Q6. How can you help your friends, partner, or kids be more mindful about money? #TomorrowTalk






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