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3 Celebrities Who Had Problems with Their Wills

BY Brynne Conroy

You might think that being monetarily successful automatically means that you must have a will.But it turns out, keeping up-to-date on estate planning can be …

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Life Insurance Policies: Everything You Need to Know

More than 50% of Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers surveyed are either “not clear” or only “somewhat clear” about what life insurance can do …

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4 Life Insurance Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

BY Anthony Greer

same sex couples marriage equality LGBTQ couples life insurance benefits for same sex couples same-sex couples life insurance benefits insurable interest unmarried couples

As of 2019, nearly 1 million US households consist of a same-sex couple, and 58% of these couples are married. Thanks to the Marriage Equality …

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Life Insurance Plans: 7 Topics LGBTQ Couples Should Discuss

BY Anthony Greer

life insurance plans term life plan same sex couples LGBTQ life insurance LGBTQ couples life insurance

No one can predict the future, but now is a good time to start talking about it. Part of securing your family’s financial future involves …