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What is a Grantor?

BY Kaycee Cuaira

estate planning trustee trust grantor co-grantor

If you're starting to prep your estate planning documents and have some questions about grantors or co-grantors — we can help.What is a co-grantor?Grantor is …


Parenting Coaches of Tomorrow: San Diego

BY Brynne Conroy

san diego parenting coaches

There are so many different stages of parenting, spanning various needs of individual children. When you look up a parenting coach, you need to know …


What is a partition action?

BY Kaycee Cuaira

will partition action joint tenancy property

A partition action can arise in a number of scenarios, but the reason is the same: there is a property with more than one owner, …


Randi Zinn: Giving Mothers' Identities Back

BY Brynne Conroy

moms of tomorrow postpartum depression motherhood

Sometimes after you have children, things don’t always feel as magical or fulfilling as you’d imagine they would. You might notice the relationships around you …


What is a Transfer-on-Death Agreement?

BY Kaycee Cuaira

tod transfer of death

Transfer-on-Death (TOD) accounts and deeds are a popular estate planning tool that can help you avoid probate for certain assets and properties. While many people …


Lauren Archer: Guiding and Growing as a Postpartum Doula

BY Brynne Conroy

postpartum breastfeeding moms of tomorrow lauren archer

Lauren Archer has dedicated her career to supporting families — and loving babies. She describes them as “the most magical, simplistic, complex creatures” you could …


Parenting Bloggers of Tomorrow: Charleston

BY Brynne Conroy

parenting bloggers charleston

If you’re looking for a mom blog with some Southern charm, the bloggers of Charleston have you covered. Discussing everything from corporate to stay-at-home life, …


Estate Planning in a Second Marriage

BY Kaycee Cuaira

estate plan trust second marriage estate planning

Wills and estate plans are always a little unique, since every person and family situation is a little different, but estate planning becomes a little …