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The Difference Between Guardians and Godparents

BY Kaycee Cuaira

For many people, especially those who are Christian, having godparents for their children is an important part of their support system. Godparents are traditionally expected …


The Best Parenting Podcasts of the Year

BY Brynne Conroy

parenthood parenting podcasts best parenting podcasts podcasts about parenting parenting

Parenting in 2019 is tough. Even or perhaps especially in our ever-connected world, it’s simultaneously hard to slow down and ironically difficult to truly connect …


What is Hawaii’s “Reciprocal Beneficiary” Relationship, and Does It Make Sense for You?

BY Kaycee Cuaira

marriage estate planning civil union domestic partnership hawaii reciprocal beneficiary

Hawaii has a unique, legally-recognized relationship that is similar to a civil union and can impact estate planning. It’s called the “reciprocal beneficiary” relationship. Hawaii’s …


What is Pet Insurance and How Does it Work?

BY Kaycee Cuaira

pet insurance pets

It seems like every odd year or so, new polls come out showing that Americans, especially younger Americans, are leaning more towards investing their time …


The Guide to Estate Planning for Divorcees

BY Kaycee Cuaira

divorce estate planning second marriage prenup will trust blended family wills

If you are going through a divorce or are recently divorced, you might feel a little done with legal issues, but think twice before you …


5 Ways Marriage Counseling is Decreasing Our Money Fights

BY Andy Hill

counseling marriage parenting couple family

My wife and I don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to our money. The things that get me excited about our finances …


How to Curb Money Fights in Your Marriage

BY Andy Hill

money couple marriage marriage kids and money

Money touches nearly every part our lives. That’s doubly true for our marriages.Our mortgages, our jobs, our kids and even the food we eat as …


How to Build Kids’ Work Ethic and Money Management Skills

BY Chris Durheim

kids chores allowance parenting family

Now that the school year has started, we officially have all three of our daughters in elementary school. With our kids getting older, we’ve been …