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What is Tenancy in Severalty?

BY Kaycee Cuaira

home ownership tenancy in severalty

Just by looking at the name, and perhaps knowing a few things about property law, you might think that “tenancy in severalty” has something to …


What is a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Order?

BY Kaycee Cuaira

living will end of life estate planning do not resuscitate dnr

Deciding whether or not you may want a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order is an important part of end-of-life planning. It can be included in …


What Are Trust Fund Taxes?

BY Kaycee Cuaira

trustee trust fund taxes trusts

If you are an accountant and you hear the phrase “trust fund taxes,” you probably think first of taxes that are withheld from employees’ paychecks …


Everything You Need to Know About Living Wills

BY Kaycee Cuaira

living will power of attorney durable power of attorney dnr ahd

If you’ve heard of a living will before, you may think that it is similar to a regular last will and testament. But the name …


Everything You Need to Know About Durable Power of Attorney

BY Kaycee Cuaira

will power of attorney durable power of attorney

Baby Boomers are retiring in record numbers. As the ranks of the elderly continue to grow, you may naturally start to think about what may …


What is Probate, and How Can I Avoid It?

BY Brynne Conroy

will probate lawyer probate estate planning

Debt doesn’t just disappear when you die, and your assets don’t automatically give themselves to your beneficiaries. Probate court is where your final fiscal accounting …


Writing Your Last Will & Testament

BY Brynne Conroy

estate planning will create a will last will and testament write a will

Getting together your last will & testament? Discover the core tenants you need to know as you write your will, including the merits of online …


What is a Codicil?

BY Chris Durheim

writing a will codicil change a will amend a will update a will will

Legal terminology can make managing your money and figuring out your estate plan downright intimidating. With that in mind, we’d like to help you understand …