Four Little-Known Medicaid Coverages for Disabled Children

BY Brynne Conroy

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When you have a special needs child, you’re more likely to work less hours and simultaneously spend more on family expenses. While raising a differently-abled …


American Families Lack Necessary Insurance to Counteract Financial Instability

BY Tori Dunlap

insurance CFSI life insurance financial shock emergency

Chances are, you're not prepared for a financial shock.In a recent study by CFSI (Center for Financial Services Innovation), many low-income Americans are not well-prepared …


Property Insurance and Natural Disasters: Is Your Home Covered?

BY Erik Neilson

insurance natural disaster belongings

When it comes to living the American Dream, there are few milestones that can compare with owning a home for the first time. Homeownership comes …


5 Crazy But True Insurance Claims

BY Erik Neilson

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Insurance is one of those things that people hope they never need to use, all the while knowing just how important it is to have …


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance Medical Exams

BY Kaycee Cuaira

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Have you started shopping around for a life insurance policy? If so, you already know that a medical exam is part of the decision-making process …


Want Total Peace of Mind? Get Alien Abduction Insurance

BY Joshua Heckathorn

insurance alien abduction life insurance

At its very core, life insurance is about providing humans with peace of mind. Each of us wants to go to sleep at night knowing …