How Couples can Budget Together Successfully

BY Brynne Conroy

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Budgeting solo is difficult. Budgeting together with your partner can seem impossibly daunting.But if you’re living your lives together, learning how to successfully budget as …


How to Curb Money Fights in Your Marriage

BY Andy Hill

money couple marriage marriage kids and money

Money touches nearly every part our lives. That’s doubly true for our marriages.Our mortgages, our jobs, our kids and even the food we eat as …


When (and How) to Talk to a New Partner About Money

BY Emily Omier

marriage new relationship partner couple money talk about money

One of the golden rules of dating is to never bring up money on the first date—but finances are also the number one source of …


The Worst Financial Advice You've Ever Received: Finances Can Wait

BY Chris Durheim

financial planning worst financial advice money

Have you ever gotten a bad piece of financial advice? You’re not alone. We’ve all had a “helpful” friend or relative that’s given us a …


What My Father Taught Me About Money

BY Tori Dunlap

family money father

When I say my dad is my best friend, this is not a hyperbole. We have the same personality — we quote the same movies; …