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The Financial Advantages of Using an ILIT

BY Kaycee Cuaira

trust trust fund life insurance ILIT

While trusts tend to have the “oh, that’s for rich people” stigma, nothing could be further from the truth. Trust funds aren't just for rich …


What Does a Trustee Do?

BY Erik Neilson

living trust trustee trust trust fund

Those who have been invited to be a trustee for someone’s trust often smile and nod yes, perhaps quickly changing the subject. As a result, …


7 Estate Planning Tips for Business Owners

BY Erik Neilson

trust fund entrepreneur business owner assets trust accounts life insurance

Owning a business can be far more consuming than many people realize. Most business owners find themselves busy enough trying to foster growth, never taking …


What is a Trust Fund, and Why Should I Care?

BY Erik Neilson & Brynne Conroy

trustee trust trust fund funding a trust

What is a trust fund? What do terms like ‘revocable trust’, ‘irrevocable trust’, ‘living trust’ and ‘revocable living trust’ mean? Find all your answers here.The …