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What Does a Trustee Do?

BY Erik Neilson

living trust trustee trust trust fund

Those who have been invited to be a trustee for someone’s trust often smile and nod yes, perhaps quickly changing the subject. As a result, …


7 Estate Planning Tips for Business Owners

BY Erik Neilson

trust fund entrepreneur business owner assets trust accounts life insurance

Owning a business can be far more consuming than many people realize. Most business owners find themselves busy enough trying to foster growth, never taking …


What is a Trust Fund, and Why Should I Care?

BY Erik Neilson & Brynne Conroy

trustee trust trust fund funding a trust

What is a trust fund? What do terms like ‘revocable trust’, ‘irrevocable trust’, ‘living trust’ and ‘revocable living trust’ mean? Find all your answers here.The …