Tomorrow News

$5,000 in AD&D Insurance, Family Financial Goals and So Much More in v1.2 of Tomorrow!

by Scott Fasser

While you were busy kissing Santa under the Mistletoe, the Tomorrow engineering elves were busy building a major update to your favorite family financial planning iOS app. We are working hard to make it easier to grow and protect your family's finances by delivering the following in version 1.2:

1) You can now create a Stand-alone Will - still for free - without a trust. The Tomorrow Stand-alone Will is personalized based on your state of residence and family situation. It is designed to designate a guardian for kids under 18, name an executor for your will, leave money to charities or organizations and identify three tiers of beneficiaries: spouse, kids, relatives and friends.

2) Complimentary $5,000 AD&D insurance policy for a year! Just send three invitations to roles in your Tomorrow app including primary or backup invitations for executor, guardian or trustee. Once three role invitations are accepted, you can claim your complimentary $5k AD&D Insurance policy.

3) Create and share financial goals. Do you want to save to buy a house? Get your will done? Start a 529 savings account for your kids? Create a goal and share it with your family. Set a date and we'll track it for you on your timeline in Tomorrow.

4) The Tomorrow timeline now lets you navigate between yesterday, today and tomorrow to help visually organize your achievements and goals.

5) New interface and lots of small visual improvements for guiding you to the next step in creating your documents or understanding how to protect your family. We've moved towards a more interactive way for you to find the next best thing to take care in order to achieve financial peace of mind for your family.

Team Tomorrow is very excited to share the significantly updated Tomorrow App with you and hope you enjoy it, share it and rate it in the App Store.