Saving for a Family Vacation: A #TomorrowTalk Recap

Tori Dunlap

saving for a family vacation

Last Thursday, we chatted on Twitter about saving for a family trip — just in time for summer vacations! Our guest, Chris from Keep Thrifty, is a husband and father obsessed with personal finance and making the most out of your money — we were thrilled to have his insight.

Below we share some of our favorite findings from our participants — to see all of the discussion, click here! #TomorrowTalk happens on the third Thursday of every month, and we can't wait to see you in July for a discussion on side hustles!

Q1. When summer rolls around, it's common for families to take a vacation. Do you have one planned for this summer, and if so, where? #TomorrowTalk

Q2. How does your family budget for a vacation? #TomorrowTalk

Q3. What do you prioritize when it comes to vacations? Where do you spend the most of your money? #TomorrowTalk

Q4. What's been the best deal you've nabbed on a previous vacation (maybe a flight deal, or using credit card points?) #TomorrowTalk

Q5: How do you balance what you want to do on vacation, with what you can afford to do? #TomorrowTalk

Q6. What are your favorite tips or tricks when saving for a trip? #TomorrowTalk

Q7. How do you get the entire family involved when saving for a family vacation? Do you have anyone in your extended family who contributes? #TomorrowTalk

Q8. Where are some of your favorite places to travel as a family on a budget? #TomorrowTalk

We're about to wrap up #TomorrowTalk! Do you have any additional thoughts or comments?