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Looking for Father’s Day gift inspo? Look no further.

By dailin
Published July 11, 2021

Looking for a Father’s Day gift Dad will truly love?

Of course, we recommend giving him the gift of Tomorrow. The Tomorrow app will help him write a will, establish a trust and even purchase life insurance — allowing him to breathe a little easier knowing everyone will be taken care of.

In addition to Tomorrow, we asked a bunch of dads who work in financial media to share their favorite Father’s Day gifts. May they serve as inspiration!

Homemade gifts that will melt Dad’s heart.

Sometimes, the best gift is something made from the heart. Check out these adorable presents these dads received from their creative children.

Jonathan Sanchez


Jonathan Sanchez ParentPortfolio 2020.jpg

“The best Fathers Day gift hands-down was a card my son made for me when he was in Kindergarten,” says Jonathan Sanchez, co-founder of Parent Portfolio.

“My side hustle is real estate investing and I take my kids with me on site sometimes. So, when he had to describe what I do for a living, he thought I was in construction. With crayons, he drew me with a hard hat and a safety vest. Best gift ever!”

Jim Wang


Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 2.53.27 PM.png

“The best gift I ever got was a book of coupons from my young kids a few years ago,” says Jim Wang, founder of Wallet Hacks.

“My wife worked with them to draw up some ‘chores’ — like emptying the dishwasher and breakfast in bed. But also cuter things like ‘play video games together’ and ‘sleep in.’”

The coupon booklet is so adorable that Jim hasn’t redeemed a single ticket yet, preserving the drawings to look back on for years to come.

Gifts that match Dad’s hobbies and interests.

Whether you’re going the DIY route or purchasing a gift dad will treasure, matching the gift to his interests is a sure-fire way to make his day.

Julien Saunders



Julien and his wife Kiersten Saunders are co-founders of rich & REGULAR, where they teach families how to have those difficult money conversations over a delicious, healthy meal prepared on a budget.

“One year,” says Julien, “Kiersten got me a simple t-shirt that said ‘The Original’ on it and [our son] Beau had a matching onesie that said ‘The Remix.’ Given how much we both love music, I thought that was pretty special.”

Brenton Harrison


brenton harrison.jpg

Brenton Harrison is a Financial Advisor based in Nashville. His favorite Father’s Day gift was also geared towards his interests and those he’d like to share with his son.

“My favorite gift was a leatherbound collection of all the Calvin and Hobbes strips ever illustrated,” says Brenton.

“I loved those comics as a kid and I want to pass that love onto my son. As odd as it may seem to get excited about comic books, I’ll always remember opening it up and trying to read the first few pages to him, even though he didn’t get any of the jokes.”

Nick Loper


nick loper.jpeg

Nick Loper is the host of popular podcast SideHustleNation. His son found a way to blend the homemade and dad’s hobbies into one meaningful present.

“One of the sweetest things I’ve received was a rickety popsicle-stick model of ‘daddy skiing,’” Nick shares. “I’d just started taking my 5-year-old to the slopes, and he was so excited to tell everyone about it.”

His son had made the figurine at school — complete with penned-on beard — and said he couldn’t wait to go skiing again.

“The sport has been a lifelong hobby of mine, and one that my dad introduced me to around the same age, just like his dad did with him. It feels pretty cool to keep the tradition alive!”

Gifting experiences for Father’s Day.

A gift doesn’t necessarily need to be material. Another great way to shop for Father’s Day gifts is to look for meaningful experiences.

Joe Saul-Sehy



Joe Saul-Sehy is a podcast host and co-author of the upcoming book Stacked. His children are grown, and know dad’s interests well enough to take the celebration to the next level.

“The best gift I got was an experience,” Joe reminisces. “My twins paid for me to see one of my favorite artists, St. Vincent, while I was visiting Seattle. It took what was already a good trip and made it great.”

Larry Sprung


hockey camp.jpg

“Years ago my wife bought me a father/son hockey camp,” says Larry Sprung, owner of Mitlin Financial.

This meant that he and his sons not only got to spend quality time together; they also got to spend it bonding over a sport they all love.

“It was amazing,” he says. “We then went for years to come.”

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