Financial Literacy: A #TomorrowTalk Recap

Tori Dunlap

We were so thrilled by the turnout for our first ever #TomorrowTalk. In honor of Financial Literacy month, we encouraged Tomorrow community members to share their tips and advice on improving their financial literacy. Host Brynne from Femme Frugality did an incredible job at inspiring discussion — we thank her for her input and dedication to our efforts!

Below we share some of our favorite findings from our participants — to see all of the discussion, click here! #TomorrowTalk happens on the third Thursday of every month — we can't wait to see you May 24!

#TomorrowTalk stats: 26 participants, 34,500 reach

Q1. What is financial literacy?

Q2. Why is financial literacy important?

Q3: What steps have you taken to improve your financial understanding in the past year?

Q4. What are 3 common barriers people face when becoming more financially literate?

Q5. What are 3 quick wins that people can complete to increase their financial understanding?

Q6. What blogs, podcasts, or courses do you turn to for financial education?

Q7. For lower or middle-class families, what tools are especially beneficial to financial literacy?

Q8. Any additional thoughts or comments?