True Stories

Written by Erik Berg

November 22 2016


True Stories

Welcome to Tomorrow

Written by

Erik Berg

Before it became the name of the company we are building, Tomorrow was simply an idea my partner Dave Hanley developed after Deloitte acquired his last company. In May 2016, he invited me on a journey to bring estate planning into the future. And we were going to do it for every modern, middle-class American family.

How we go about accomplishing this goal begins with a conversation we want to have with people, many for the very first time. Clearly we can’t lead with the term estate planning. That would end the conversation with many people we hope to reach before we even began. So, after a dedicated naming process, we decided to call our product…


Building Your Tomorrow

The name had all the qualities we valued, now we just needed to figure out an ideal product experience that could turn a chore into something fun. We even gave ourselves the challenge of hiding all the legal complexity and creating something simple, delightful, and beautiful that you could do from your phone.

We believe Tomorrow should be…

1) Small enough to fit in your pocket

2) Smart enough to turn your life decisions into legit legal documents

3) Strong enough to protect your family’s financial future—if and when anything happens to you

So Dave and I met every day in a co-working space in downtown Seattle called Coterie Room, and we worked on product concepts, interviewed potential users, and turned our idea into a prototype. After all, we wanted to use this product ourselves, so we had to love it and we want you to love it too.

Challenge #1Everyone’s Family is Unique

First on our list was to really unpack the idea of family. And not everyone has a traditional family structure. So we knew to do this right, Tomorrow had to let people define their family exactly the way it is, so that in the background we could design a system that learns from you as you use it. Tomorrow will take exactly what you tell it about your family and only recommend what’s right for you—no more, no less.

Challenge #2Few People Fully Read Legal Documents

Lawyers tend to use words most people aren’t familiar with, not because they like to overcomplicate things, but rather to make sure they aren’t misinterpreted. This is why lawyers are paid handsomely to choose the right words—it can be more expensive if you get the words wrong. Tomorrow makes it easy to make important life decisions without making you navigate a document you don’t fully understand at the same time.

Challenge #3The Solution is at the Intersection of Finance, Legal and Insurance

We knew we couldn’t do it by ourselves, so we moved from our co-working space downtown into our first office in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square district. Dave quietly raised a successful seed round of funding and built an incredible team—which is now 7 people strong. We’re not quite ready to tell you all the exciting things Tomorrow will do, but with a little curiosity and imagination, you can guess by looking at our incredible team.

Dave Hanley
Founder & CEO

Erik Berg
Co-founder & VP Product

Joshua Heckathorn
Co-founder & VP Financial Services

Lindsey Briggs
Head of Estate Planning

Sam McRoberts
Head of Growth

Brent Scheffler
Sr. Software Developer

Adam MacBeth
Sr. Mobile Developer


Check out our Careers page for yourself or someone you think might love building Tomorrow. If you’re not looking for a new job but believe you’d like to be one of the first to see the product we’re building, sign up below for early access to the Tomorrow app.

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